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SLIDE LIST EIGHT is finally out!   A mixed bag of material, both new and a little older!   Click here to check it out!

As always, you can find these and other slides in the SLIDES BY RAILROAD AND CATEGORY page to look for more slides of your favorite subjects.

PLEASE NOTE!!!  Many more subjects are now "sold out", and a bunch are down to the last slide available.  

I still have over 200 rolls of film to process.   I have been awaiting my slide processor of choice to receive his cardboard mounter.    Once this arrives and is working, there will be much more material to add.   One caveat... I am taking less extras these days, so in many cases if I list a slide there will only be one or two of them available.

The "Coming Soon" page will show you the latest digital images and preview slides that will be available in the future.

Also, learn how you can save $$$ on slide purchases by taking advantage of my "personal photographer" program.

Don't forget to bookmark the site in your favorites, new images and slides will be added all the time!

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