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How to order

Ordering is very easy!  

STEP 1:  Select the slides or digital images you would like to purchase.  

STEP 2:  Place your order using this form:

Contact Information

Include your name and shipping address for slide orders.   Be sure to enter which slides you are purchasing in the bottom section.   We will respond to your order once a payment through Paypal has been received.

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Slides/digital images

STEP 3: After submitting the order, please click the link below to complete payment for your order.


You may also send a money order for your purchase.   Please e-mail sd40-2@live.com for details.  

Slide orders over $10 ship for FREE
Slide orders less than $10 include $2 shipping and handling

Slide orders over $10 ship for $1
Slide orders less than $10 include $2.50 shipping and handling


Slide orders over $10 ship for $2
Slide orders less than $10 include $3.00 shipping and handling

Slides are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.     Anything ordered that is "out of stock" will result in a refund being given for the item.     There are limited quantities of each, so don't wait!

Other important notes:

All images are copyrighted!   They are for your personal use only.

On digital images:  
  • Photos are taken with a Canon Rebel T3i 18mp camera.  
  • Files will be sent in .tif format to reduce image degradation in-transit
  • They will be sent in a 1200 megapixel-wide format.

On slides:

  • 35mm slides are taken with a Nikon F5 and "normal" 50 mm lens and manual focusing
  • Fuji Provia 100F is the slide film utilized
  • Slides are labeled with subject, date, location, and any special notes applicable
  • Action shot scans use the "middle" image of the available group, meaning your image may be slightly closer or further away.   Motor drive shoots up to 8 fps, so there won't be too much difference!
  • I can not "hold" a slide for you awaiting payment.   The faster you act the better your chances!

Thanks for you interest!    I look forward to hearing from you...

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