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34 Acres of land for sale by owner - great hunting property!

Click on this link to see an approximate geographic location of this property in relation to Paducah, KY (25 miles), Marion, IL (35 miles) and Cape Girardeau, MO (55 miles):          

Property borders over 1000 acres of Shawnee National forest which you can access for additional hunting.   There is farmland to the northeast and watering holes to the southwest.    Yes, deer travel through here!

Property is 28 acres of mature woods with six acres of saplings/younger growth.  
Timber value is approximately $10000 based on a 2014 estimate by a timber broker.
    Six acres are in a government land management program. 

Access is by a 25' surveyed, deeded easement.  Property has been surveyed and is marked at the corners.   There is an 8" water main to tap into along Hound Ridge Rd. if you want water at this property.  Electric is available from there, as well.  Real estate taxes are $8/year.


Call (618) 771-1133 to set up a time to see this property.

*Map shows approximate boundaries and is not to be used as a replacement for an actual survey.   Owner does not have a copy of the survey available.  Land is for sale by owner and is not represented by a licensed real estate broker.   All offers for this property should be in writing with escrow funds of at least $2000 to be handled by a title company.

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